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More Accurate

More Customisable

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3d printed orthotics do not just simply look fancy – they’re better in every way. stronger, yet dramatically lighter, more accurate, but remarkably less bulky. with a customisable surface that moulds into a soft cover. its 100% tailor-made shape has perfect union with the. There are many different orthotic shapes / designs available to choose from so you can get the most out of your custom orthotics

Durable & Light

custom 3D printed orthotics gold coast

Developing an orthotic with a lighter, more durable material to make sure that you get the best performance. The design process means the orthotic can be made for any shoe. It has a smooth streamlined profile, with every detail being carefully considered to enhance your experience. So while they are lighter, you will have an orthotic that feels just right.

Hugely Powerful

Enormously Accurate

Built via CAD CAM, 3D printed orthotics have a world of possibilities. With hand made orthotics there will always be human error, the computer design means perfection ever time. The software was originally developed to build pieces of complicated design such as aircraft engine parts. It was then redeveloped for medical use, and now plays a huge part in aiding in mobility, whether it be taking a walk through the park, or a high performance athlete.


Perfectly shaping to the contours of the foot, fitting to any shoe, adding your favourite football teams logo, rainbow colours, perforations, swirls, patters, your name. The list goes on. You name it we can do it. Personal orthotics, the first of its kind!


3D printing provides accuracy and increased consistency, leading to an outstanding performing orthotic. A better performing orthotic means less aches and pains, less energy use, enabling you to stay on your feet for longer.

custom 3D printed orthotics gold coast



Current milling methods used by orthotic laboratories produces a high amount of waste and essentially ends up in land fill. As an example, to manufacture a pair of polypropylene orthotics through conventional milling methods, uses approximately 1.5kg of materials, of which 1.4kg is waste. Our new 3D Printing methods only uses around 80 grams of material with 0 grams of waste.
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