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Ingrown Toenail Removal

Painful ingrown toenails are very common. Removal of an ingrown toenail can with be done in 2 ways. It can be cut out, but this is not necessarily permanent, or permanent removal of the ingrown toenail.

Permanent removal of an ingrown toenail is usually recommended, and is a very common and simple procedure. It takes around 20mins for 1 side of the toenail or total toenail removal, with an extra 10 mins being added for an additional side of the toenail. The procedure takes place in the clinic room, where you have the option of watching or lying back while the ingrown toenail is removed.

This minimally invasive procedure leaves you with little pain and discomfort after, and back doing normal activity within a few days. During the ingrown toenail removal procedure you may bring things such as books and tablets to keep you entertained while it takes place. It can be done the same day you book at our gold coast clinic.

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What is It?

An ingrown toenail is a problem which results from abnormal growth or trauma to the nail bed. As a consequence, when the nail grows, it is forced into your skin, causing pressure, discomfort, and sometimes infection

Risk Factors

  • Genetics
  • Nail trauma
  • Self care/incorrect nail cutting technique
  • Footwear

Signs & Symptoms

  • Discomfort
  • Redness
  • Infection
  • Inability to wear enclosed footwear


  • Proper fitting footwear
  • Correct nail cutting technique (cut nails straight across)
  • Seeking early treatment from your Podiatrist

Ingrown Toenail Removal Procedure

  • Anaesthetic is injected into the toe behind the toenail
  • The toe is tested to make sure it is completely numb
  • The toe is then covered in beta-dine to keep the toe clean during the removal of the ingrown toenail
  • In a partial toenail avulsion only the problematic / ingrown part of the toenail is removed to ensure it looks as normal as possible following the procedure. In a total nail avulsion the whole of the toenail is removed

  • The toenail bed is then killed off with a chemical called phenol. This is 99% guaranteed to prevent toenail regrowth to ensure that you do-not have a reoccurrence of the problematic ingrown toenail. This also kills off
  • nerves so minimal pain is experienced post surgery
  • The toenail is then dressed with a sterile dressing
  • You may wear normal shoes and continue activity the next day, although it is recommended to stay out of enclosed shoes and keep the toe dry until fully healed

ingrown toenail ace podiatry gold coast

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