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Digital Orthotics Construction

Used to construct a 3D image of your foot, which is then used to make a digital 3D model of accurate specifications. Your orthotics are created by the use of your 3D foot scan. This saves a lot of time and mess created by old traditional plaster casts. It is also far more accurate.

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Latest Orthotic Technology

3D laser scanners are use for the collection of 3D images. They collect and analyze real-world objects. They capture data quickly with immense detail and accuracy. The collected data can be used to create 3 dimensional models. By simply resting your foot onto the scanner, the scan is taken in a matter of seconds. This can be done fully, semi, or non weight bearing depending on your foot type.

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Custom Orthotics Precision & Inovation

Within 3 seconds the iQube mini is able to deliver high quality colour 3D images to an accuracy of 1mm. This means your custom orthotic will be extremely accurate to the shape of your foot. This provides you with the most comfortable and effective orthotics available. The scan can be packed into a file on the computer and emailed off to get your orthotics made in a matter of hours if necessary.

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Accurate Fast Clean

3D laser scan has many advantages over traditional casting methods. It is more accurate, more consistent, less messy, less time consuming and more. This equates to better results and more comfort, by producing some of the more precise and innovative orthotics available today.

The image of your foot will be saved on computer meaning you will not have to store casts of your feet, and if you want another set done, all you need todo is make a phone call to order them.

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