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Bunion – Hallax Valgus Treatment

Do you have bunions? are you bunions getting bigger? do they stop you from wearing shoes you love?

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Bunion – Hallax Valgus occurs around ten times more often in women than in men

What Is Plantar Fasciitis

A bunion is an abnormal enlargement of the joint at the base of the big toe. The deformity occurs when the outside muscle (Adductor Hallucis) over powers the inside muscle (Abductor Hallucis). A build up of bone occurs on the joint due to excessive pressure.

Bunions ace podiatry gold coast

Risk Factors 

  • Genetics
  • Foot structure eg flat foot, over pronation
  • Gender: more common in women
  • Poor fitting footwear (long term)
  • Trauma

Signs & Symptoms

  • Build up of bone on the big toe joint
  • Inflammation
  • Deviation of the big toe outwards
heel spurs / heel pain plantarfasciitis ace podiatry gold coast
heel spurs / heel pain plantarfasciitis ace podiatry gold coastheel spurs / heel pain plantarfasciitis ace podiatry gold coast

Preventing / treating Bunion – Hallax Valgus

  • Correct foot alignment with prescription ORTHOTICS
  • Appropriate footwear eg. Wide, low heeled
  • Prescription ORTHOTICS (slows progression and treats cause)
  • Wide fitting shoes
  • Night splints
  • Bunion pads
  • Toe wedges
  • Surgery (bunionectomy)
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