Corns / Callous & Cracked Heels

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What Is Corns / Callous & Cracked Heels

Foot corns and callous are high pressure regions. Foot Corns are focal areas of pressure. the corns form a cone shape that goes into the skin of the foot. The corn can feel like a needle sticking into the foot causing pain.  Corns can be dangerous long term as they can cut off the blood supply causing ulceration, and have nerve attachments.

Callous is caused from a general area of pressure. Callous is a hard layer of skin that forms over the foot. Callous can become extremely uncomfortable and can again long term cut off blood flow causing ulceration and breakdown of skin. When the callous gets to thick in some areas the skin can split causing  & Cracked Heels and fissures. These  & Cracked Heels can easily get infected and cause more problems.  & Cracked Heels can be extremely painful and interfere with your everyday life.

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What causes Corns / Callous & Cracked Heels?

  • Shoes and footwear
  • Foot deformity
  • standing jobs
  • hard floors
  • poor blood flow
  • dry skin
  • bare feet
  • open shoes
  • swollen feet

Symptoms of a Corns / Callous & Cracked Heels

  • hard areas
  • change in color of the skin
  • sore painful areas of the foot
  • ulceration
  • dry skin
  • cracks in skin
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Preventing Corns / Callous & Cracked Heels

  • moisturizer
  • wearing enclosed shoes
  • making sure sure fit properly
  • regular foot checks with your podiatrist
  • exercising to keep ample blood flow
  • wearing socks
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