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Diabetic Foot Management & Treatment

It is extremely important for diabetics to have their feet regularly checked by a podiatrist. There are many things that can occur to a diabetic’s leg and feet due to uncontrolled blood glucose levels. At Ace Podiatry our podiatrist are highly trained in diabetic foot and leg health and are here to properly assess and educate you, to make sure that your feet can stay on your feet.

During their lifetime, 15 percent of people with diabetes will experience a foot ulcer and between 14 and 24 percent of those with a foot ulcer will require amputation

What is diabetes?

Diabetes is a condition in which a person has high blood sugar. Normally, in mammals the body maintains a blood glucose level between about 3.6 and 5.8mmol/L (64.8 and 104.4 mg/dL).


Type 1 – Failure to produce insulin, Type 1 diabetes can affect children or adults but was traditionally termed “juvenile diabetes” because it represents a majority of the diabetes cases in children.


Type 2 – Is due primarily to lifestyle factors and genetics. It is the most common type of diabetes. It results from insulin resistance, a condition in which cells fail to use insulin properly, sometimes combined with an absolute insulin deficiency. It usually occurs at age 40+.

What Might Happen?

  • Neuropathy/Retinopathy – Damage to nerve fibers particularly feet, and eyes
  • Vascular disease – Disease of the small blood vessels
  • Heart disease – Damage to the larger blood vessels, including those of the heart
  • Ulceration – Reduced circulation to the lower limbs, leading to amputation

Signs & Symptoms

  • Polyuria (frequent urination)
  • Polydipsia (increased thirst)
  • Polyphagia (increased hunger)

Why See A Podiatrist

  • Footwear and orthotics – to accommodate pressure by conforming to the shape of the foot
  • Neuropathy – Monitoring the loss of feeling in their feet, and changes in the shape of their feet.
  • Vascularity –They can then help reduce the risks of ulceration, reduced circulation, and treatment of ulcers.
  • Education – Education into the disease and how to take best care of yourself.
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