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Orthotics for the treatment and prevention of knee arthritis are majorly over look. If you visit your doctor they are more than likely to overlook a podiatrist and refer you right to a physio or surgeon.

The conception of how your foot hits the ground has a major effect of what occurs within the knee is one that most GP’s, surgeons, and physios ignore.

Quick test

Here is a quick test for you to try at home to help you understand what your podiatrist is talking about.

  1. 1. Put your hand on the front of the knee and make sure your fingers extend well below your knee cap.
  2. 2. Rotate the sole of your foot inwards (pronation) and outwards (supination) (not side to side). You should notice that your tibia (shin bone) moving under you bottom few fingers.

This therefore shows you that the way your foot moves, has a major effect on the alignment of your knee.

So what does this have to do with knee arthritis?

The movement of your foot as it hits the ground has an effect on the position and movement of the knee joint. This can cause areas of the knee joint to close up and rub together. This causes knee arthritis pain and causes the knee arthritis to get worse.

 Is there any research? 


Attached is a link to a paper that was done in 2013 to see if placing lateral wedge orthotic into a patients shoe, who has a history of medial knee arthritis reduced force on the inside of the knee. The results shoed that realigning the foot did reduce medial strain on the patients knee.

Another study ( ) with the same laterally build up orthotics in patients with medial knee arthritis and pain showed that the orthotics drastically reduced pain and increased quality of life within patients.

What does this mean? 

There are many different ways to treat knee arthritis. Orthotics are one form of treatment that has been proved to help. So, if you want to try and go without surgery, or if you have had surgery and want to maintain and extend the life span of you new knee, don’t just look towards your physiotherapist, GP and your chiropractor, Think Podiatrist as part of your treatment plan.

Book and appointment today with ACE and get yourself pain free and living life to the full.

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