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Every runner enjoys buying a new set of shoes and hitting the road in them. That new shoe feeling where you have that bit more motivation to put on your running gear and get out there, just so you can hope that they will lead you to a new PB.

If only your shoes didn’t cost as much though. If only your were not in the store thinking ‘do i really need a new set of shoes, or are my current ones still ok?’


Well heres a guide to help you figure of if you need to go shoe shopping or not.

Price –

$100- $150: The cheap end of the scale for a running shoe. These will last you about 400-600km

$150-$200: In the middle. These will last about 400-600km

$200+: These premium shoes should last you around 600-800k

$300+: The ultra premium, you hope that these extremely high end runners will last about 800-1000km


weight –

A persons body weight will refine how long your shoes last. The more weight the more the foam will compress and therefore wear out quicker. The average running shoe is aimed at the average person. 2-3 times a persons body weight will go though the shoe when running.


Activity –

running shoes are made for running. Not weight lifting, not tennis, not football. The shoes will therefore wear out quicker once again if you do these activities in them. The type of running will also wear out the shoes faster or slower. For example. A sprinter who is running on their forefoot doing high intensity training will wear out the shoes a lot quicker that somebody who is walking in them or just doing longer distance running. The same with you car and its tyres. somebody doing track days will need new tyres after that somebody who is driving long distance, or around town.


Wear of the shoe itself –

Look at the wear of the shoe, sit it on a flat surface and make sure the shoe sits flat on it, make sure the shoe has not got flexible through the mid foot. Make sure the heel counter is still nice and firm, flip the shoe over and make sure the rubber is still in good shape and has not gone balled or worn through to the EVA material. Look at the midsole and check to see if its compressed.  If any of these things have happened to your shoe then its time to get a new pair.


Try on a new pair –

Go to the shoe shop and try on a fresh pair of shoes. If the new shoes feel extremely different to your old ones in terms of cushioning and support then its time to get a new set.


Age of the shoe –

Shoes will degrade over time. The materials will change and the shoes will loose their cushioning and support. It doesn’t matter if you have not worn the shoe, unfortunately if they are over 2 years old then its time to go shopping for a new pair.


Conclusion –

The main points here are that you need to check the age of the shoe, the wear of the shoe and compare it to a new one. You cannot ever rely on the manufacture’s recomendedation of how long a shoe will last as there are so many other factors involved.


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