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With the new year coming upon us fast, people will be waiting to feast out at christmas, followed by the new years resolution of loosing weight. The time where the most amount of gym memberships are purchased, used for a month and never used again.

How does this extra weight affect our feet though? Can this extra weight cause pain? Well a study was recently done to help determine this. see below for the details.


There is a well-recognised relationship between body weight, plantar pressures and foot pain, but the temporal association between these factors is unknown. The aim of this study was to investigate the relationships between increasing weight, plantar pressures and foot pain over a two-year period.


Analysis indicated that the effect of increasing body weight on foot-related functional limitation and foot pain intensity may be mediated by increased plantar pressure in the midfoot.


Increasing body weight is associated with increasing midfoot plantar pressure and foot-related functional limitation over a two-year period, while changes in midfoot and heel plantar pressures are associated with changes in foot pain intensity. These findings suggest that as body weight and plantar pressure increase, foot pain increases, and that the midfoot may be the most vulnerable site for pressure-related pain.

So the moral of the story is to watch what you eat this Christmas. Don’t expect to be able to put a lot of weight and no have any issues from it.

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