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That time has come already when your kids are going back to school. Christmas is over, all the food has gone and your kids are 2 shoes sizes bigger and 5kg heavier.

This means it time for new shoes! A challenging job for any parent with kids complaining the shoes are not cool enough or not comfortable.

So….. what should you be looking for when you fit up your child shoes?

4 good shoe principals –

  1. Heel – The shoes should be higher at the back compared to the front
  2. Shank – The shoe should not bend in the middle. It can bend at the toes, but not anywhere else.
  3. Firm heel counter – The back of the shoe should be firm and you should not be able to push it down
  4. Laces –  Provides support around the mid foot and keeps the foot safe.

You get what you pay for with shoes and although kids do tend to wear them out quickly. Spending that little extra will keep you child’s legs feet knees safe and give them the best chance of being pain and injury free.

School shoe recommendations  – Ecco, Ascent, Clarks, Asics.

Your child feet are soft and very susceptible to injury. Doing what you can to prevent future issues and problems is very important. Your child should get a regular checkup with a podiatrist from the age of 3 every 10-12 months. The same as your teeth. You use your feet everyday, what are you doing to protect them for the future?

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