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Crossfit gyms seem to be poping up everywhere on the Gold Coast and Gold Coast people in turn are flocking into them. Crossfit is completely remarkable. It highlights hard workouts with genuine activities that will kick your butt and improve muscle tone. As far as its genuine wellness exercises, Crossfit is not a hustle by any stretch of the imagination. It shows a decent, gainful mixed bag of genuine activities that create genuine force. Its workouts are designed to test your mental and physical strength. Mind over body. That’s the motto for Crossfitters.


On the off chance that you’ve ever joined some crappy chain exercise center surprisingly, you’ve presumably been drawn in by some energetic fitness. If your own wellness objectives have a level of unclearness, Crossfit is ideal for you. You do a tad bit of everything. You do some free lifting, powerlifting, bodyweight stuff (calisthenics), cardio, sprinting, and more.

All of this activity can mean an increase in the opportunity for mistakes being made. Crossfit injuries occur largely due to inexperience, because if you’re a novice when it comes to workout programs, this one is the equivalent of taking on three at once.


Since Crossfit requires such a high degree of fitness and precision, when starting, you’re going to need someone to watch your back. They don’t call it the sports equivalent of fitness for no reason.

Don’t get too carried away with the competitiveness of Crossfit, especially in your first few months. Those numbers and metrics in front of you are always going to be there, and you’ll reach them in due time. It’s ideal to partner up with someone who is also on the same level of fitness and experience as yourself. This gives you a safe level of motivation.

Crossfit Rules

Technique and proper form is paramount when it comes to fitness, and Crossfit is no exception. If you’re pushing your body to its limits, the last thing you want to do is break form and end up in the hospital.

You can still get injured, no matter how careful you think you are being, because when it comes down to it, these workouts are a learning experience. Unless you have your very own personal trainer, the competitive nature of Crossfit may get the best of your and you end up pushing yourself too far. When training, it’s always best to listen to what your body is trying to tell you. Make sure you have the correct shoes, crossfit is far fifferent to most sport, and your average set of running shoes just wont do, invest in a good set of lifting shoes / crossfit shoes, possibly with custom orthotics to reduce risk of injury.

You can’t make gains if you’re sitting on the couch, nursing a tear or a break because you went for that extra lift or that stretch to beat your time. Don’t neglect your rest either, this is when your muscles are actually growing, not while you’re in the gym. Finally, always check the reviews before signing up with a Crossfit program. No two crossfit gyms are alike, and having an experienced trainer can not only get you fitter, but also reduce chance and level of injury.

Have Fun.

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