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With rugby/football season upon us, the nights are getting darker and colder. Kids are coming home after school all muddy and tired from the evenings activities.

During the season as much as 1 in 4 players will get injured. Forwards are always at a higher risk of injury, due to a higher rate of impact, but so is everyone else as well. The last things you want to-do is have to cut your season short, or be injured over the first few weeks.

Injuries most commonly occur during pre-season. The jump back into regular activity when conditioning is not high, with overuse injuries and tendonitis being very common.

Most injuries occur in the 10-18 year old age groups, with nearly double as many injuries in rugby compared to soccer.

More that 57% of injuries to players will occur during matches and they are most likely to occur during the later half of the game, when energy levels are low.

More than 40% of these injuries are related to muscular / ligamentous injuries, being strains, pulls, and strains and dislocations. With another 30% of these having fractures involved.

More than 1 in 7 of these injuries are ankle sprains, this happens to be one of the most common injuries.

So as this season starts have a think about what you are doing to try and keep your seasons injury free.

If your more interested then come and see us at ace podiatry in Nerang or Surfers Paradise on the Gold Coast to get an insight of what to look out for and how your foot and lower limb structure could be affecting your game, and putting you more at risk of injuries.



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