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With the Gold Coast summer around the corner and a seemingly large influx of patients recently suffering from knee pain I thought now would be an appropriate time to talk about one of the most common causes of knee pain I see in clinic. This affliction is known as “runners knee” or clinically as patellofemoral pain syndrome (PSPS) and is just as commonly witnessed in both weekend warriors and at times season runners alike. The most common cause of this issue is seemingly a surprise to many. The cause is generally weak hips! 

The Gluteus Medius is one of three major muscles that originate on the outer surface of the ilium (pelvis) just below the iliac crest while inserting onto the greater trochanter of the femur. 

This location and shape allows the Gluteus Medius to perform a variety of actions on the femur such as act as weak hip flexion and internal rotation. Hip extension and external rotation and mainly as a hip abductor (lifts the leg to the side) and pelvic stabilizer during weight bearing. This is especially prevalent in activities that require high impact loading such as running and jumping. 


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