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How does Online Consult work?

We specialize in providing online podiatry consultations to people who are home bound, struggle for time, injured and live or work in remote locations

Have a podiatrist consultation from the comfort of your own home, or during your lunch break at the office. Your podiatrist will evaluate your problem / issue to provide a diagnosis and explanation of your problem. You will receive professional guidance though your treatment plan as to try and resolve your problem

Ace Podiatry aims to provide a professional service in your own time from the comfort of your own home.

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Initial Consult

Now only $79!

Who should use this plan?

Initial consultations are required for:

  • Every new injury that you request treatment for
  • Every injury that you have not had an appointment for in the last 3 months
What to expect during your podiatry consultation?

You will initially need to fill out a form so that we have an idea of your problem to try so that we do not waste time during your consultation. Your Podiatrist will ask you some questions to get a deeper understanding of your problem including details of your symptoms, lifestyle and footwear.

You may require a physical examination will consist of two parts:

  • Your podiatrist will demonstrate specific movement tests over Skype and then ask you to repeat them. The tests are similar to the ones used in clinic and will help to establish what structures you have injured as well as test your muscle strength, flexibility and control.
  • Your podiatrist will then guide you through a palpation examination and get you to examine different parts of your body by hand to distinguish between different ligaments, muscles and bones.

Your podiatrist will use the information from the skype consultation to try and provide you with a diagnosis of your injury. Your podiatrist will then compile a treatment plan specific to your needs.

You will be able to contact your podiatrist for the following two weeks if you experience any problems with the treatment plan or have any other questions.

If your Podiatrist may feel that you require further investigation of your condition in the form of blood tests, x-rays or MRI scans then they will ask your permission to write to your GP to request this.

You can purchase follow-up sessions which will be used to reassess your problem and provide you with an adjusted treatment and training program.

How to start a consultation?
  • Fill in our easy to use initial symptom form
  • Pay via your PayPal account or Debit/Credit card
  • Your podiatrist will contact you within 24 hours to schedule a consultation. It may take longer on weekends and public holidays

Follow Up Consult

Now only $45!

Who should use this plan?

Follow-up consultations are used for:

  • Reassess your injury and progress or change your treatment plan
  • Further treatment or advice for an injury that you have already had diagnosed through our clinic
  • Your last appointment was no longer than 3 months ago
What to expect during your podiatry consultation?

Injuries can vary a lot in severity and heal at very different rates. A treatment plan has to be progressed and adjusted according to how the injury/problem responds to treatment. It is entirely up to you to decide if and how often you want to continue with treatment, but your podiatrist will be able to advise you on the best strategy to use.

If more than three months have passed since your last podiatry appointment, your podiatrist will likely have to complete another full initial consultation. Bodies and circumstances change a lot in 3 months and we would run a risk of missing important information if we do not follow this process.

How to start a consultation?
  • Complete the follow up form assessment form and specify for which injury you are seeking a follow-up appointment.
  • Pay via your PayPal account or Debit/Credit card
  • Your podiatrist will contact you within 24 hours to schedule your follow-up appointment. It may take longer on weekends and public holidays
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