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Podiatrist Biomechanical Assesment

Your podiatrist will perform a biomechanical assessment of your back, hips, knees and feet. This biomechanical assessment is important to make sure that the orthotic prescription is going to meet you body type, feet and your needs. Every person is different and so it is important to look at each person individually. The biomechanical assessment takes into account your back, hips, knees, ankles and feet. We will check your flexibility, muscle strength, posture and watch you walking in a gait analysis assessment.

biomech analysis

3D Foot Scan

A 3D laser precision scan of your feet is then done. This takes accurate measurements of your whole foot to make sure the orthotics have the best fit for you. Feet shapes can vary and so it is important to have a customized, personal assessment so that your orthotics give you the best results. You can find out more about the laser can from our 3D laser scan page.

3d foot scan

Orthotic 3D CAD CAM Design

Your orthotics are designed from a mixture of the podiatrist’s assessment and the 3d laser scan using the latest CAD cam software. 3D laser scan files are uploaded to a computer where the shape of the orthotic is matched to your feet using highly complex and accurate software. Possibilities are endless in CAD cam software and the orthotics can be designed in many different shapes and materials.

Orthotic Manufacture

The orthotics are then manufactured by using futuristic technology and having them 3D printed. Having the orthotics 3D printed allows the orthotics to be made with greater accuracy and more choice of shapes and designs.  Orthotics can also be made from direct milling  EVA for a softer orthotic. This choice of how you want your orthotics made will be offered during you podiatrist biomechanical assessment and you will be given advise for what material will be best for your needs.

Orthotic Finishing

After the shell of the orthotics are made they will be covered and finished. Again there is a choice of different covers and different materials. All soft tissue adaptations will also be added at the point such as metatarsal bars, metatarsal domes, and extra cushioning. Once finished the orthotics will then be double checked over to make sure the finished product is perfect before we book you in for your own personalized fitting appointment.

orthotic design ace podiatry & 3d orthotics gold coast

Orthotic Fitting

Once the orthotics have been double checked over we shall book you in for your orthotic Dispense/fitting appointment. In this appointment we will fit the orthotics into your shoes and make sure you are happy and comfortable before you leave. Orthotics take time to bed in and get used to. We shall give you all the instructions and tools you need to make sure you have a smooth transition period into wearing your custom orthotics.

orthotic design ace podiatry & 3d orthotics gold coast

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