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The Future Of Orthotics, Gold Coast

What are orthotics?

Custom orthotic’s are used to put in footwear modify the structural and functional characteristics of the foot and lower limb. Orthotics are prescribed from a combination of knowledge of anatomy, physiology, pathophysiology, biomechanics and engineering.

An orthotic may be used to:

  • To control, guide, limit and/or immobilise a joint
  • To assist with movement
  • To reduce weight bearing forces and redistribute pressure
  • To aid in rehabilitation from soft tissue of skeletal injuries
  • To improve function and increase performance
  • To manipulate shape and/or function of the lower limb, to provide easier movement capability or reduce pain
  • To reduce chance of injury and pathology within the lower limb

Orthotics for any shoe

At ACE podiatry we believe it is important to design a custom orthotic that you will use. It is pointless us making you a custom orthotic that will not fit into your most commonly worn shoes.

At ACE podiatry orthotic’s can be made to fit into any shoe.

That said, the more supportive the shoe, the more effect the custom orthotic will have and the more supportive the custom orthotic can be made. Some support is better than nothing, thats why is it important to not only do a thorough biomechanical analysis, but to also decide what shoes the orthotics are being made for, and what activities the orthotics will be used for

footwear orthotics ace podiatry gold coast

Orthotic Materials

3D Printed

custom 3D orthotics gold coast

With the newest 3D scanning technology available all of our poly orthotics are now 3D printed. When 3D printing orthotics the level of accuracy is unbeatable.  Welcome to the future of possibilities within orthotic lower limb performance and customisation.

Direct milled EVA

diabetic soft orthotics ace podiatry gold coast

Direct milling means that the orthotics shell thickness can be modified by millimetre increments. This allows for the orthotic to be customise to a number of different thickness’s option’s for a full custom result.

3D Foot Scanner

All of our orthotics are digital. The mold of your foot is taken via a 3D Laser Precision scan so that we can prescribe the most accurate and effective orthotic possible.

Life in Orthotics

ACE podiatry gives you everything you need to get to know your new orthotics.

First, you’ll get a personal setup so you’ll be up and running in your orthotics before you leave the clinic.

Then come for an orthotic review if you are not totally satisfied, where we can answer your orthotic questions, help you learn more about your problems and solve the issue

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