Severs Disease

Gold Coast Children’s Heel Pain Treatment

Severs Disease – heel pain Treatment

Heel pain in children is very common. It is made worse the more they walk. Severs disease is basically growing pains. It can be very painful and hinder the activities that children do, preventing the from doing the activities they love. Children will eventually grow out of it after a few years. It is important to understand the cause of it though as tight muscles may make it worse. It is also important to try and offload the heel so that the child may continue their normal activity.

Just before puberty the calf bones typically grow faster than the surrounding soft tissue

What Is Severs Disease – heel pain

An irritation and inflammation of the growth plate (apophysis) at the back of the calcaneus (heel bone), where the achilles tendon inserts. In a child, the bones grow from areas called growth plates. The growth plate is made up of cartilage cells, which are softer and more vulnerable to injury than mature bone.

heel pain children severs disease ace podiatry gold coast

Risk Factors 

  • Tight calfs
  • Growth spurts
  • Active children
  • Between ages 8-15
  • Inappropriate footwear
  • Flat feet

Signs & Symptoms

  • Pain in heels
  • Occurs between 8-15 years of age
  • Increase in pain during or after activity
children's feet ace podiatry gold coast
children's feet ace podiatry gold coast

Preventing Severs Disease – heel pain

  • Prescription ORTHOTICS
  • Correct footwear
  • Training on soft surfaces
  • Pain management
  • heel raises
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