How to prepare for your first marathon run

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Please check your feed, the data was entered incorrectly.Please check your feed, the data was entered incorrectly.As I sit and write this blog, there are currently 132 days, 19 hours and 7 minutes until the race that stops the Gold Coast; the Gold Goast Airport Marathon. While most people tackling this 42.19km run will be seasoned athletes, there remains a small percentage of first timers. If this is you, we have put together a few tips to help you get across the line.

  1. 1. Prior preparation avoids poor performance 

If you haven’t started running already, start now! 42km is a long way and it takes months of training before your body will be ready for it.

  1. 2. Don’t forget weight training

Many people neglect weights, failing to see the link between resistance and cardio training. This is the last thing you should be doing! Strength training will help to create a strong body and will minimise your risk of developing injuries or pain along your run. Start by strengthening your glutes, abs, calves and hamstrings and notice your running improve in no time.

  1. 3. Invest in a good pair of runners

A decent pair of runners will help to prevent injuries such as blisters, bursitis, stress fractures, shin splints and so much more! To help you choose shoes perfect for your feet, come in and see us at Ace Podiatry or check out our latest blog post here.

  1. 4. Pre-existing injuries? Get them sorted today!

If you have an injury that is niggling away, chances are, running could well flare it up! Book an appointment with one of our physiotherapists today to ensure you’re not putting your body at risk.

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