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Whether you are a weekend warrior or professional, a strong and powerful paddle is often enough to give you a competitive edge over fellow surfers. It will enable you to get into waves easier and earlier, giving you more planning time and upping your wave count.


As the temperature here on the Gold Coast increases, so too do the crowd numbers. By out-paddling everyone else in the water, you will have optimal wave selection. You will spend less time paddling out the back, leaving more time and energy for fun.


If all of that isn’t enough to convince you just how important a strong paddle is, just picture Lennox Head at dusk- perfect shark feeding time. If undesired company decides to join you for an evening dip, you certainly don’t want to be the slowest surfer in the water!


At Ace Physio, we have formulated a series of surf specific exercises to improve the strength, endurance, speed and efficiency of your paddle.


The seemingly simple art of paddling requires:

  • Shoulder stability, strength and endurance
  • Back extension strength and endurance
  • Thoracic and shoulder mobility
  • Core stability
  • Deep neck flexor strength
  • Coordination


To improve his paddle, I put Ace Physio’s keenest surfer and Senior Podiatrist through his paces in a Paddle Circuit. Check out the exercises below!


  1. Unilateral reformer paddle


  1. Unilateral reformer pull downs


  1. Horizontal overhead press on exercise ball
  2. Modified Bird-Dog with powerband


  1. Pull-ups


If you want to gain a competitive edge in surfing and improve your paddle, come and see us at Ace Physio. We will work with you to create an individualised, surf specific exercise programme that will have dominating in

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