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Summer is here and that mean warm weather, days at the beach and hot feet. So if you plan to show some foot skin this year then try these hand tips to help keep you feet at their best.

  1. Apply a foot moisturiser – with the hotter weather and wearing open shoes, your feet will dry out. This can lead to cracked heels, corns, callous and flakey skin. Normal moisturisers don’t work on the feet as skin on the feet is very different to the skin on your hands and face. Your foot moisturiser needs to contain at least 15-30% urea and an emollient. We recommended Ace Lux30. This contains emollients, has 30% urea and smells like coconut. whats not to like?
  2. Apply anti-fungals – The streets and communal areas contain lots of nasty funguses and infections. If you must wear open shoes then make sure you try to worn off these nasty problems by cleaning your sandals, spraying them with antibacterials or wiping them with medical wipes at the end of every day. Apply an anti fungal to your feet daily and make sure you dry in-between your toes. We recommended canisten cream.
  3. Supportive shoes – Its hard to find open shoes and sandals with support. As a rule though if you must wear an open shoe or sandal try to make sure it has a small heel, and does not bend in the middle. For extra support add Gel arch support to your shoe to add extra comfort and prevent injuries. We recommended Ace invisible gel Insoles.
  4. Try to wear enclose shoes with socks – your feet sweat more than 250ml everyday, even more in summer when temperatures sore. If this sweat goes into your shoes bacteria breed which can lead to infections on your feet. Make sure you wear breathable shoes with cotton socks to keep them fresh. Change your socks 1-2 times per day for best results. Wearing open shoes will not stop your feet from sweating but only absorb your sweat.
  5. Get your feet checked up on – Over the summer you are more likely to get infections, verruca and plantar warts, corns callouses and foot injuries. Check your feet every 6 months to make sure they are in good health. Your foot health can say a lot about you overall health. We recommended Ace health centre fo your checkup.

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